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Sustainability is commonly defined as "the ability to meet our present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs."

This website is intended to serve as a reference of work and activities of Kent Bullard as he helps others to live in a more sustainable world. For over thirty years he has maintained an open mind to options that reduce our footprint on the earth. It is the willingness to move in new directions and share experience with others that is an important part of who he is.
As with many things we do, it is critical that we avoid becoming myopic in our outlook. Practicing sustainability in your life requires that you step back and look at the big picture. Evaluating options and making educated choices are important steps on the path to sustainability. Everything we do is interconnected in our world; truly the butterfly in the Amazon can affect change on a global scale.

For as Edna St. Vincent Millay penned, "There are no islands, anymore".

Current Projects -
Biodiesel Consulting Providing Quality Assurance consulting for BQ-9000 certification and project implementation.
Greening Events Working with producers to green major concert events.
Biodiesel Education Community involvement and educating others about biodiesel.
Sustainable Community Serving on the Board of Directors of the Sustainability Council of Ventura to enact change in our local community.

Ongoing Projects -
Sustainable Education Going beyond implementation, it's about bringing others into the fold.
Renewable Energy at Channel Islands National Park Continuing to implement the installation of renewable energy system in the park.

Past Projects
Sustainable Practices in the Galapagos Providing technical assistance to this unique insular resource.


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